In most cases garage door maintenance can be avoided with the home owner performing simple annual lubrication applications.  I always recommend disconnecting the garage door opener and manually lifting the garage door by hand at least once every 6 months after the first 3 years since that’s the average manufacturer warranty on all door hardware.  Most hardware comes with 3 year warranties and most things nowadays are usually good to ensure that manufacturers cover themselves with those warranties.  With that being said I always include a 25 point safety inspection and recommend a tune up on the garage door and opener with every repair I make.  Most of these repairs other than broken springs and actual defective parts could have been prevented with lubrication and maintenance. Garage doors are made up of many moving metal parts that roll against each other as the door moves up and down and as with any moving part there is friction. And when friction is caused, lubrication has to be applied.  We use silicone-spray for all moving parts and white lithium for the torsion springs.

Home owners can minimize garage door wear by applying a silicone or Teflon lubricant to the moving parts of the door at least twice per year. How to do this? Simply, with the garage door closed, spray the lubricant to the rollers and roller hinges and inside the track from top to bottom then move across the door lubricating the hinges from top to bottom, then move to the other side of the door and again lubricate the rollers and roller hinges and inside the track from top to bottom. As you perform this step of lubricating the complete door & don’t be afraid to use a lot of lubricant. Next, operate the door up and down a few times to allow the lubricant to work its way into all of the moving parts.  If you have a wooden garage door, you will need to tighten all the nuts on the hinges. Hardware on a wooden garage door is attached with a different nut and bolt combination than a metal door and it is common for these to vibrate loose. Use a 7/16 wrench and start in a pattern from one side of the door to the other working from top to bottom and across the door tightening the nuts holding the hinges in place.

Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

Garage Door MaintenanceAs a homeowner, you are learning quickly that consistent maintenance is required to keep your home up and running. One of the greatest ways to cut down these costs in the future is prevention.  Garage Doors would be great if we could just install them and forget about them. In reality they are not, and if you don’t take care of routine maintenance on your door you will be spending more money in the long run. Luckily, you don’t need to be a garage door technician to make sure you are taking the necessary steps toward making things run smoothly. While garage doors and openers are technically one entire system, you need to keep in mind that they are separate and contain many moving parts.  With this home garage door checklist, you can keep on top of problems before they happen, saving you both time and money. These checks are recommended at least twice per year, but many find that being on the constant lookout for problems and running through the checklist periodically can be beneficial.

Visual Inspection:

To Do This:

Stand inside your garage with the garage door closed. Starting in one corner visually look at your door staring at one corner and going down, repeat this process as you move across your door.  Look for cracks in the surface of the door, especially around the hinges.  Inspect the rollers. Place a finger on the wheel of each roller and try to rock the roller wheel back and forth for looseness. If they are loose, they need replacing.  Look at the cables and make sure they are not frayed or twisted.  Look at where the opener “J” arm attaches to the door. Make sure it is not starting to pull off. If you have a metal door, there should a special bracket called an “Operator Bracket”, attached to the door and the opener “J” arm attached to this special bracket.  Stand in the middle of the garage door and grab the door and move it front to back and side to side. There should be slight movement each way.  Open the garage door half way and look at the rubber seal located along the bottom of the garage door. It should move and be pliable and no cracks or missing sections.  Close the door and pull the red cord to disconnect the opener. Lift the door to waist height. The door should be easy to lift. With the door at waist height, let go of the door. It should remain there or slowly drop to the floor.  Open the door all the way up and let go. It should remain open.

Operate the Opener:  This will require simple testing to see if the systems are working correctly.

To Do This:

Run the garage door open and close 2 or 3 times. There should be no loud squeaks or pops.Test the safety eyes. This can be done by closing the door and place your foot in way of the safety eyes. The door should stop and reverse to open.  Close the door and as the door is closing, grab the bottom of the garage door and try to stop it until it reverses. it should give about 15 – 20 pounds of push before reversing.This can be a good time to replace the batteries in your remote controls.

Garage Door Tune-Ups

Garage Door Tune-UpsHere at Affordable Garage Doors we offer 2 types of tune-ups.  One is our regular tune-up which comes standard with a 25 point safety inspection, lubrication of all moving parts and tightening of all loose nuts and bolts, adjusted tracks and resetting the garage door opener height to cooperate with your springs.  After many years of use your torsion springs will need to be tightened to make sure you are not wearing out the worm gear in your garage door opener.  This nylon gear is designed to strip out to ensure that the motor itself is not going to burn up.  With this being said the combination of the springs relaxing and not keeping the cables tight around the threaded torsion drums and the opener still picking it up to the same height this is probably the number 1 cause of off track or sideways doors.  You must add tension and readjust the opener height to compensate.  We never recommend replacing parts if they are not broken but sometimes their truly is not an alternative.  The price for this service is $99 plus the $29 service charge to come out at normal business hours Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM.

Garage Door & Opener Tune-Ups Plus

Lifetime Warranty RollersThis package comes with everything that the standard garage door tune-up comes with but also includes a lifetime warranty roller with 7” long stem rollers in the top section to help ensure that your garage door stays in its tracks for future use.  If you have never experienced an off track or sideways door you’re one of the lucky ones.  Check out our page for off track doors if you would like to see examples of what could happen without tune-ups and preventative maintenance.  The price for the garage door tune-up plus is $149 plus the $29 service charge to come out at normal business hours Monday-Friday 7AM-5PM.  These heavy duty nylon rollers come with a lifetime warranty and are sold for $98 every day of the week.  Call Affordable Garage Doors today and ask about our garage door tune-ups and garage door maintenance Ponte Vedra, FL.


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